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usieandalucia > My Civil Servant Life Reborn in the Strange World > Chapter 202. Currency Reform (19)
At my introduction, Arpen looked dumbfounded.

“Crow Tribe? And also the chief's son?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

Arpen nodded with a complex expression as I nodded.

"I see. Is the strange feeling that I kept feeling your martial arts?" he murmured.

I stuck my tongue out. "You can even feel the martial arts?”

How sharp was he to be able to feel the energy of the martial arts that I didn't even use? His senses were astonishing.

"If you are the son of the chief, then which chief from how many generations ago? The chief from two generations ago, Galak Blade? Or the chief from three generations ago, Hamelin Blade? Or the chief from four generations ago, Hades Blade? Or…" Arpen asked me, looking convinced.

How many generations are you going to go back?

Somehow it felt like he knew my family genealogy better than I did.

"I am the son of the current chief, Doomstone Blade."


I let out a sigh as he made an expression like he had heard nonsense. "I told you. I didn't lie. I am sixteen years old. I said Ainsmall School because my teacher is Elder Mirpa Ainsmall, so I'm also part of the Ainsmall School.”

Arpen pointed at me in surprise. "Don't lie! You can't have that kind of skill at sixteen! If you are such a monster, when did you even get to the madosa level?"

I shrugged lightly at Arpen, who was confused. "I reached it roughly a couple of months before my twelfth birthday."

I waited for him to calm down from his confusion.

Arpen suddenly burst into laughter after organizing his thoughts. "Ha, hahaha, hahaha. Mirpa, that crazy woman made a ridiculous monster.”

"There's no doubt that Elder Mirpa is crazy, but I can’t understand you saying that I'm a monster.”

Arpen laughed frantically as I grumbled.

"Puhahaha!You must be insane too if you can’t even realize that you’re a monster. Well, I suppose you can't become a madosa at that age unless you're a little insane."

"Well, you seem convinced, so please keep it a secret. And to Yuria and Alphonso also."

Arpen nodded and said, "Fine, I don't think it's going to be a problem. But why is the youngest son of the Crow Tribe Chief hiding his identity in the capital and acting as a civil servant? If you want, becoming a knight of the empire would be no problem, as well as a court magician.”

I shrugged lightly at the question. "Because it is annoying. It is usually the case that higher positions have to deal with more bothersome businesses. I am comfortable at a low position."

Arpen nodded. "That's exactly the case. There’s a lot of things that bother me too."

It was quite funny that Arpen empathized.

"For that matter, you didn’t seem to be reserved in causing a ruckus in the sky over the capital."

Arpen’s face turned red. "I'm not the only one who's caused a ruckus!"

I shook my hands when he pulled me in as well. "But now that you've decided to keep me a secret, people will think that it was only Sir that

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