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Chapter 7 Sunday Live

Ling Xi, who was praised for being "smart," didn't know his Weibo had been followed by An Ruifeng. The reason was very simple. After he posted the last Weibo with pictures, all the devices that could connect to the Internet were confiscated by Wu Youpeng... In order to avoid future troubles, even the landline line at home was cut by Wu Youpeng because of a previous incident. In order to satisfy his evil intentions, the Internet addicted teenager Ling Xi had tried to use the telephone line to dial up the Internet.

Computers, TVs, mobile phones, ipads...all electronic products that could be in line with modern life had been confiscated. Ling Xi had sunk into the deep hell of drafts guarded by a guitar, a piano, a blank notebook and a pen.

When he debuted eight years ago, he had been titled as the "Creative tender grass" singer. Now the “tender grass” was no longer true, but he was still "Creative". Writing the end-credits song for "Jian Jue Tianxia" was regarded by Wu Youpeng as a good opportunity for his comeback. He urged Ling Xi again and again to firmly grasp this chance, and write the song with the creative zeal that grabbed Grammys.

However, Ling Xi was a contestant from the “throw off the reins[1]” faction. He couldn’t write a single word when he was not inspired. He sat muddled at home for a week. Every time Wu Youpeng delivered food to him, he was in a daze in front of the piano. It was originally a lively little turnip head[2], but in just a few days, it had turned into a dehydrated vegetable packaged in instant noodles.

Half a month later, Wu Youpeng kicked the door open and roused Ling Xi who held a guitar putting on an act.

"Get ready. You have an announcement to make on Saturday." Wu Youpeng scolded: "You have such a dispirited and listless appearance now-a-days. People who don't know any better will think your agent has abused you."

Ling Xi scratched his messy hair: "Saturday? What date?" He didn't have a calendar at home, and the phone that showed the date had been taken away.

"The day after tomorrow. I'll pick you up at ten in the morning."

"So rushed?" He stretched out: "What show?"

“Sunday Live.”

Hearing this, Ling Xi, who was stretching out his lazy ass, fell straight down the sofa. He scrambled back onto the couch, his mouth unable to close in surprise. {Sunday Live} was a variety talk show introduced from the Bald Eagle Country[3]. Generally, talk shows had a regular host, but every episode of {Sunday Live} would invite a different celebrity to host the program. The production would often have the star host appear in a few dramatic spoof scenes along with the cast members of the program group. On the one hand they roasted[4]themselves; on the other hand, they roasted hot topics. Moreover, in the gap between sitcoms, singers were invited to perform for the audience.

This weekly presentation had been aired for more than ten years in the Bald Eagle Country, a

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