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Chapter 9 Unexpected Joy

The online variety show had a timeliness incomparable to the variety shows of TV stations. Since it did not need to be sent to the relevant department for review, the production time was greatly shortened. The {Scare☆Surprise} episode recorded on Saturday morning released a one minute teaser that evening. The program enjoyed a high popularity on the Internet, and the preview had 100,000 hits within a day.

This episode was the anniversary program of {Scare☆Surprise}. The promotion had started a month ago, and the slogan "Powerful Mysterious Actor Joins" had successfully whetted the audience’s appetite. It was not until Saturday night that the program team lifted the veil and released the carefully edited trailer.

Compared to the previously spoofed coarse street strangers, this clip showed a completely different program style: A male artist with a fair and clear complexion and a little foolish smile sat in the waiting room, while holding the guitar and humming softly. His agent stood nearby clapping his hands to help with the beat. The next scene showed another dressing room where a group of staff surrounded a man with heavy make-up on his face, only exposing a pair of eyes. Strange accessories were scattered everywhere. The two different scenes were constantly interspersed. One side showed a young man with hope, and the other side was a mysterious prankster...

The last scene was of a dressing room. Someone outside the camera range asked: "A moment ago when Ling Xi left, I watched you turn and look in his direction. Are you soft-hearted?"

The man sat in front of the vanity table, his back facing the camera, and replied in a low voice: "It should be said that when I saw him in the elevator, I was already soft-hearted."

It was this familiar voice that made fans impassioned.

An Ruifeng's personal fans on the Internet immediately exploded. Some people wondered if Prince Ruifeng could play pranks. Some said that although they were not fans of the spoof show, they would definitely watch the upcoming episode. Some people scolded: “What is Prince Ruifeng’s agent upto for food? He also accepted this bad variety show with such a high degree of controversy? Won’t it bring down the prince’s reputation?”

Apart from these discussions, there was also a small group of people silently pouring into a mysterious CP building, covering their faces cutely. Their meng CP had actually scattered sugar. Although it was a sugar glass[1], it was still very sweet and they ate it very happily.

When the program was officially aired, Ling Xi was guarding the video website, and had opened his Weibo page. The program crew probably felt guilty about Ling Xi, because all his edited scenes showed his best side. They had forcibly shaped him from a happy-to-escape dog ​​into a strong man...

It could no longer be called a forceful increase of his IQ and EQ. It was more of a forceful enhancement of his species...


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