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Chapter 8 Intellectually disabled idol[1]

Ling Xi walked to the center of the stage holding the guitar. Before going on stage, Wu Youpeng repeatedly reminded Ling Xi to let him not be nervous and try his best to show his due level(of achievement). In case he missed a note accidentally...then he would give up his face and go to the later stage of the show to help him tune[2]. He would never let Ling Xi make a fool of himself.

If truth be told, Ling Xi had been in business for eight years and had participated in commercial performances, shows, cross-country tours, and was highly experienced. But there had never been a program that made him so nervous and hopeful. This was {Sunday Live}! Only the hottest singers in the circle and the most talked about talented artists could ascend onto this stage. Being able to appear on this amazingly rated program was definitely more useful than his agency's spending money to buy back records to top the sales charts.

Such a big pie had fallen from the sky directly into Ling Xi's mouth. Ling Xi was in a hurry to gobble it up. Even if he choked, he was willing.

Every episode of {Sunday Live} invited dozens of lucky viewers to sit in the audience and watch the performance of their beloved star up close. This time was no exception. When Ling Xi stepped onto the stage, he glanced nervously at the audience below, but unfortunately, the only light source was the spotlight that hit the stage vertically from above Ling Xi’s head. So from Ling Xi’s perspective he couldn’t see the expressions of the audience at all.

In the darkness, four cameras were pointed in Ling Xi's direction, and the little red dots on the camera were faintly shining. Ling Xi stared at the looming little red dots, fantasizing that he could grab them all in his hands. He turned his head and nodded to the show accompaniment band behind him, then turned back to adjust the height of the stand microphone in front of him.

He took a deep breath, plucked the strings with his right hand, and began to sing.

In all fairness, Ling Xi's songs definitely did not lack the essential factors for popularity. He was a singer-songwriter who knew both lyrics and music. He usually spoke in a high and bright tone, but when he sang, his voice was low[3]; the timbre was smooth and soft. Regardless of his lively and funny personality, his music without exception was lyrical and a little melancholic, which was in sharp contrast to his image.

It was a pity that when he first debuted, he had downgraded himself due to friction with Zhu Linlin. Coupled with the overall decline in the recording industry in recent years, Ling Xi's popularity had remained low.

At the beginning, Ling Xi's parents had allowed him to sign a ten-year contract. This ten-year contract began when he was discovered at the age of fifteen. When he was twenty-five years old, the company was unwilling to renew his contract. It was Wu Youpeng who socialized all around before th

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