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"Can't you just lie down in bed and rest?" Xu Zhiqiang sat in the driver's seat with a cold face. He peered through the rearview mirror at An Ruifeng's expression in the backseat with piercing eyes. When Xu Zhiqiang noticed Ruifeng's lack of reply, he slammed the steering wheel fiercely. The car horn blared a violent screech in response to his punches, as though venting on his behalf.

The noise jolted An Ruifeng awake. He drowsily opened his eyes and looked at Xu Zhiqiang, leaning back and said dazedly: "I'm not feeling well. Don't be so noisy." He leaned his head against the car window and closed his eyes. His legs were close together, and his left hand was holding his right hand, which was resting on his knee. His right arm's shirt sleeve was rolled up to the elbow, and the arm was wrapped in bandages.

The anesthetic had worn off, and the wound was as painful as being poked with needles. It was really tough to endure due to the low fever resulting from the injury.

The doctor advised him to rest for a few days and stay in the hospital for at least one night for observation, but he escaped under the guise that the shooting could not be halted. If Xu Zhiqiang hadn't arrived in the nick of time to deliver his food and block him, it was obvious that he would have snuck away from the studio to S city without alerting anyone.

Xu Zhiqiang had a severe mouth when it came to An Ruifeng, yet he cherished him in his heart. When he saw An Ruifeng's pale expression, he took a bottle of water and antipyretics from the bag on the passenger seat and passed it behind him, saying, "Medicine."

An Ruifeng took it honestly. After ingesting the medicine, he curled up again. "Thank you Xu-ge."

"Why do you insist on going when you’re so ill... " Xu Zhiqiang reproached him angrily. "What is wrong with Wang Lili? Why didn’t he restrain himself when filming the action scene? How did you get injured?"

"Don't blame Li-ge. You were not on the scene at the time. I was too anxious when dangling from the wire. I didn't grasp the direction well and accidentally cut myself with Li-ge's knife." An Ruifeng laughed at himself after explaining, "Fortunately, Li-ge wasn’t holding a musket in this scene, otherwise my arm would probably explode."

Xu Zhiqiang scowled at him again: "What's the difference? Your arm was on the verge of being chopped ​​into salmon slices. On the drive to the hospital, you were drenched in cold sweat. I noticed those little nurses feeling distressed to death."

An Ruifeng remained silent. Perhaps he was too tired to respond, or maybe he didn't want to continue the topic. Xu Zhiqiang drove calmly for a while, but after only three minutes of silence, he started nagging again.

— "Take a look at yourself. You've been waking up laughing from your sleep since half a month ago, when you heard Ling Xi was coming to S City for a concert."

— "Previously when the director stated, 'Let's take two more shots', you turned around

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