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Chapter 10 Damn it!

A flurry of terrible fire rushed from the tip of Ling Xi's tail to the top of his head. To hell with your fucking negotiation! He was a singer-songwriter. He’d written several times as many songs as he’d recorded on the albums. Some of them were sold to third parties. During the two worst years of his career when he had the lowest exposure, he had worked as a "Singer-songwriter" gunman[1]to earn money...but his circumstances now were Completely! Different!

The song demo hadn’t yet been recorded, and he, the original songwriter, hadn't yet entered the studio, but the song arrangement had mysteriously leaked out. The lead actor’s agent even called to intercept him? It was completely outrageous! Furthermore, this was no ordinary song. It was a song that meant a lot to Ling Xi. It was not only a reflection of his mood at the time, but he also believed it would be the cornerstone of his success. How could he be willing to give in?

Ling Xi used the loudspeaker function to answer the phone. Not only could he hear the other party, but so could Wu Youpeng, who was standing next to him.

Wu Youpeng had been in this business longer than Ling Xi, and he had heard a lot of shady stuff. He paused for a moment to reflect. He was about to speak when he was interrupted by the other agent's next words.

"We have a lot of admiration for you. I believe you must hold this song in high regard. So it should be fine to give this song to someone who is more appropriate for it, right?"

Despite his rage Ling Xi responded with a laugh: "More appropriate? Which aspect is more appropriate?" How could the song he composed for himself be more appropriate for others?

The agent on the other end of the line cracked a dull joke: "The closing song of the TV series should be sung by the hero and the heroine...How can we allow a dog who has only appeared in a few episodes to sing it ah?"

Wu Youpeng's original idea of "saying a few words to refuse humbly" was completely shattered as soon as he uttered such audacious words. He gasped angrily and reached out to grab Ling Xi's phone, wanting to press the hangup button. He felt distressed for the child he had raised. They dared to bully his little calf because their agency was large and reputed--don't even think about it!

Ling Xi was insulted. His face was calm however, as he reached for the phone and followed the other party's words, continuing to ask: "You want cannon fodder to sing my song, right? Not a problem."

"It's Bao Hui!"

"Oh so sorry. I have a lisp[2]." Ling Xi apologized insincerely: "It’s acceptable for cannon fodder to sing the song. But first you must demonstrate your sincerity, correct?"

When the other party heard him speak dramatically, his voice became impatient: "Like I just said, the price is negotiable."

"I don't want money." Ling Xi laid out his terms: "We’re all in the circle. You must have heard that some people are willing to follow the unspoke

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