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Ling Xi's singers club tour began effectively, despite his apprehension and his agent's expectations. Although the number of new fans on Ling Xi's Weibo had exploded, as Wu Youpeng predicted, they were all simply following the trend. Despite the fact that the singing club ticket was just $150, the number of people who were prepared to pay remained relatively low.

The first concert of the Singers Club Tour took place in G city. From the moment the tickets were distributed, it took two days for 300 tickets to be sold out. Ling Xi, however, was pleased: last year, the tickets sold out in five days.

The revenue from the singer club ticket sales was only $45000, which was barely enough to cover the venue cost. The agency covered the costs of renting equipment, inviting the band, and locating a host. However, after the show, fans would frequently purchase goods such as miniature fans, small books, small hats, and commemorative signed albums that sold for a decent price. Although the expenses and earnings would tally up to zero, making it a no-profit, no-loss event, it gained fame for Ling Xi.

For a 12th tier little singer like Ling Xi, the importance of the singing club was in communicating with fans and reminding everyone, "I am still creating. I have not given up." Ling Xi used to come to the stage with a sense of shame when he toured every year. He was aware that he had accomplished nothing in the previous eight years. The more songs he wrote, the smaller the venue became.

But this year, because An Ruifeng's words calmed him, he let go of the small burden in his heart. He was full of energy as he prepared to take the stage, and stated with a smile to Wu Youpeng, "I think I can pump up the audience."

Wu Youpeng gave him a skeptical look: "What type of panacea did you take today? Why don’t you seem nervous at all?"

"It's a secret," Ling Xi said, shaking his head.

"Forget about it. Whatever your secrets are, I'm merely concerned that you'll mention An Ruifeng's name."

"......" Ling Xi's neck shriveled like a turtle's, unable to look Wu Youpeng in the eyes. He raced onto the stage, holding the guitar in his arms.

Because the concert venue was a club, the mood was relaxed. The Singers Club Brokerage Company in G city, rented a two-story little pub. The venue was emptied with only a few scattered seats booked in the final row. Fans had gathered in front of the stage, and when Ling Xi took the stage, they cheered and waved to him. Ling Xi had no stage fright, and he felt quite happy looking at the familiar and unfamiliar faces in the audience..

He freely made small conversation with everyone and sang a couple of title tracks from his albums. The majority of his songs were soft and beautiful little love ballads with a touch of the melancholy that young people are prone to. His fans couldn't help but hum along with him when he sang.

After singing the title tracks

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